Mato Homola retires from the TCR Europe 2022 due to an injury

Mato Homola, a Slovakian racing driver is definitely one of the quitters. Unfortunately, due to his injury from the first half of the season, he is unable to finish the last two racing weekends.

Mato is fighting his injury for more than three months. He has a torn ligament in his right wrist. The premature end of the season was not an option for him, even though the doctors recommended the surgery immediately. He is a big fighter and surgery in the first half of the season would mean an early end to the 2022 racing.

He was able to race a car despite big pain and in the moments, when he finished the race, he was fighting for the top 10 finish. Unfortunately, his injury got worse and a medical check last week has shown, that the surgery is inevitable, if he wants to avoid any permanent damage.

„I am not at all happy, when I heard the doctor, just before my favorite Monza, where I won last year. I hoped, that I would be able to finish the season, even through the pain. My hand is now in such a bad condition, that the doctor told me not to even drive a regular car with a manual transmission,“ said Mato.

Even though this season was not ideal for the Slovak driver, he never wanted to quit. „At this stage, my health is a priority – I already have a scheduled surgery and I hope, that everything will go smoothly, so I can start with rehabilitation as soon as possible. I hope, that I will be able to come back next season even stronger!“, adds Mato.

„I feel so sorry, but not for myself, but for my team, partners, and, of course, my family. We all gave it our best and it ends before the finish line. I would like to thank my team, HYUNDAI | Janik Motorsport for the work done during the season and also to my engineer, Jaro Krajci. Heads up, next year will be ours!“ says Mato.

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